I am so thrilled to announce that VIF is confirmed for September 13-15 2019!

We are working fast to finalize some infrastructure including this website, a 501c3 filing and negotiating with our venue regarding specific space requirements.

By the beginning of April, if not sooner, I will be sending out requests for workshop leader submissions. Not long after that the submissions for Team and solo improvisers will be posted.

If you haven't already liked the Facebook page Vintage Improv Festival, please help us out! And spread the word far and wide. My goal for this year is to have submissions from every state in the union and at least 5 Canadian provinces and 3 other countries!

New this year is a longer, hopefully more leisurely festival. Oh we will be busy and you can stay the whole day and get your improv fix. But because we will be offering workshops over 2 full days, you can build in some spaces during the day to explore a bit.

New this year is the opportunity for non-performers to take workshops and be part of the festival. We will offer Festival passes that include varying numbers of workshops as well as admission to shows.

Also, for you solo improvisers, we plan 2 full sessions to work with your team and director and will be offering some special focus teams-perhaps narrative, music, BAT...time and resources will tell.

ImprovBoston is undergoing a major restructure and will not be producing any festivals this year so I am making the bold move of, as encouraged by Nick Armstrong , just going for it! IB is still supportive and I will work with them to try to ensure some cross pollination of talent and possibly a show.

All I know is I have already received a ton of encouragement and support from multiple sources and I thank you all. More soon! Yeah Vintage!!!!


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