VIF is September 13-15. 

Submissions for teams and teachers will begin soon on ImprovNetwork. Our PayPal and bank accounts have to communicate before we can make that happen.

Submissions for solo improvisers will occur directly on this site once we get PayPal integrated because ImprovNetwork isn't set up to help us with solo improvisers. Please solo folk, find a video of you performing somewhere with any group you wish. We anticipate lots of people will be interested in this and having a video is really important. If you were at VIF last year or at NEMIX at ImprovBoston, you may certainly use those videos.

To answer another question about the curated teams, this year, if you are on a team that is performing, it is still possible to be placed on a curated team as well. You just need to submit as a solo improviser in addition to the team submission. We are going to try to have some areas of focus for the curated teams with 2 full workshop/practice sessions to practice as a team!

Another awesome thing is that we have submitted an application for 501(c)(3) status so wish us well!

And finally please like Vintage Improv Festival on FB and share this website with everyone you think might possibly be interested!

I'm off to commune with Vikings this week in Reykjavik and hopefully by  the time I return PayPal and the bank will have established an intimate relationship so we can start this exciting VIF submission cycle. Miki


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