Fundraiser for Participation in VIF 2019 : Facebook

Facebook Fundraiser for Scholarships

The link above  is a Facebook Fundraiser with a goal of $2000 to help fund participation in VIF 2019.

All money raised goes directly to VIF Inc with no charge from Facebook because we are a registered nonprofit organization.

How can we work together to meet and exceed the goal?

If each of us who uses Facebook  shares this link with as many FB friends and groups as possible and include  a personal endorsement it would help a lot. I would consider it successful  even if we only got $5-10 dollars from  each person's effort.Please consider doing this even if you don't personally require a scholarship.

What else can I do?

Many people put their own Birthday or Anniversary  fundraiser up on FB. Please consider Vintage Improv Festival all year long! We would really appreciate the support.



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