Well, invitations have gone out and we are extremely excited about the performers at VIF 2019. We have lined up a formidably funny and experienced group of faculty to lead you through some incredible intensive experiences that will have you storming the  stage with a new team!

In order to finalize and announce these incredible instructor-directors, we need your registrations to assure VIF can pay them. VIF doesn't have any deep pockets, in fact our pockets are nonexistent until we can work on fundraising for VIF 2020. Your registration fees are primarily used to pay for these incredible, low student/teacher ratio intensives. If you need to space out your payments, that option is available this year. IT divides the fee into 3 parts with a small mark-up to cover the additional processing. If you need to select this option, just send Miki a note at .

As a non-profit VIF is dedicated to providing this experience for all of you and outreaching into the community through laughter.


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