A Zoom Pitch virtually guarantees a performance invitation

What is a Zoom Pitch?

It is for old troupes used to performing on stage  and new emerging virtual ones who have no stage experience. It is for group that is willing to take a risk, to innovate and explore the possibilities of this brave new virtual improvisation world!

VIF is more focused this year on innovation in Virtual Improvisation that perfection on live stage. What does that mean? We are in the wild wild west of this new medium and there is much to be discovered. We all have the same basic amount of experience. We are all pioneers. VIF wants you to dare to fail here. We will celebrate your experiment! We do this because we believe that the new superstars are waiting to be discovered and it might be you with that innovation your team cooked up.

You know your team and their strengths. We want you to take a beginners mind and use those strengths in novel ways to highlight them that take advantage of the medium including its " clunkiness" at this point in history. Your pitch should be a brief Zoom example and explanation of what you hope to achieve and the novel aspects of Zoom you intend to exploit along with an agreement to work together on that format to perform at the festival. We absolutely guarantee you a performance slot at some point in the festival if you present us a well thought out approach.


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