Where do I submit

How much does it cost to submit?

Submission is free but no submission will be reviewed until :

All members of team complete General Registration in support of the Festival
Solo Improvisers complete General Registration in support of the Festival

Please consider the General Registration as a donation to support the function of our 501(c)3 non-profit Vintage Improv Festival Inc who administers the festival. While volunteers provide the vast majority of work done to make the festival successful, there are subscriptions, platforms and production staff that need to be paid for their work during the Festival so we can all enjoy the experience. We chose the make the General Registration this way rather than a submission fee so you have the option of claiming it as a charitable donation.

You may Direct Submit if you have any difficulty on The Improv Network

Contact VIF by email

What we need from you to get started is a single email that includes the following:

Your name
Your email address
Your location
Your phone number:
Your birthdate:
Your experience in improv:
If you are submitting as a team all team members and their email addresses:

When we get the email we are going to ask for your audition material so you should gather It includes :

Solo Improvisers 

 Community Track : 
Your word that you have had at least some basic improv training, just submit!
 Intergenerational Track : 
Your desire to be on this track with a grandchild. 
 If your grandchild has had no improv experience, your willingness to attend an                                     introductory improv workshop through the Vintage Improv Community Group with them prior  to the festival
Performance-Based Track:  This is our  On-site traditional track

 Participants in this track are more advanced improvisers who will need to be able to hit                     the ground running in order to complete a 6-8houor  intensive training and be ready to perform in a new format to them. You may have tons of performance time, you may have had none. The important criteria is that you have the improv skills, enthusiasm and desire to  learn and play with other Vintage Improvisers. We will match you to curated teams  appropriately. 

 Please provide one of the following:
            1. A diploma or documentation of graduation from a recognized school of improv
            2. A video with you performing before an audience with you clearly identified
            3. A letter of recommendation from an improv coach/teacher who knows your work well that                documents at least an intermediate level of improv skills
            4. Previous VIF participation

Vintage Troupes

We really believe it is in your troupes best interest to register with The Improv Network anyway as you can then instantly submit to any other festival you want. Here is the link to our festival. If you are not already registered, they will take you through the process. It is free.
Your Troupe member names, ages and email addresses


We will need at least one, preferably at least the pitch

    1)         at least 15 minute video of performance before an audience with access information 
    2)         A Zoom Pitch. 


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